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The Call Center QA software that
will save you 50% of time

You don’t have to waste time on spreadsheets to keep your Call Center QA on course. Leaptree is easy to use and runs 100% in Salesforce–no code needed! Painlessly evaluate and improve agent performance and improve QA productivity by 50%. Rated 5 stars on Salesforce AppExchange and 4.8 stars on G2.

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IMPROVE Call Center QA

Why Leaptree is best for Call Center QA

Built 100% within Salesforce

In Leaptree, you never have to leave Salesforce. Get started without the need for APIs or hassle with external integrations. 100% native so you keep full control of your data.

Predictable pricing and major savings

We only charge per Evaluator so Agents go free! Start making major savings. Only pay for what you need.

The white glove treatment of a consultancy–without the spend

We stay very close to our customers, and listen to all feedback and feature requests. We stay flexible and dynamic to make sure we exceed our customer needs–without charging high consultancy fees.

Rated 5 stars

Call Center QA teams love us! On G2 we're rated 4.8/5 and we also have a 5 star rating on Salesforce AppExchange. If you're a Salesforce user–Leaptree just makes sense.

How it works

Everything you need to supercharge Call Center QA

Get vital insights with smart Call Center QA scorecards

Build powerful, dynamic Call Center QA scorecards in the blink of an eye. Leaptree runs 100% within Salesforce for easy configuration and without the hassle of external APIs and integrations. No-code needed!

"We can evaluate twice as many cases compared to before ...Very glad we made the investment!"
- Peter Masaraneyi, Editec

Connect the dots with omnichannel assessments

Automate whatever you need to monitor in your Call Center from zoom calls to chats, and email threads. Uncover agent’s key strengths with data-driven metrics. Cut time spent on QA assessments by 50%–we only charge per QA evaluator so you can double the number of agents at no extra cost.

Let us handle the tedious stuff

Evaluate, empower, and improve agent performance with intelligent Call Center QA assessment automation (no developer needed).

Motivate and reward agents

Drive  performance in a fun way with gamification. Leaderboards, badges, and other game elements keep the whole Call Center team engaged, happy, and motivated.

Dive into detail, in real-time

Access fully customizable dashboards and advanced reports, within a few clicks.  Identify areas that need attention at a glance.

Coaching and 1:1s made easy

Create instant feedback loops, enhance daily performance dialogue, and establish effective performance trends. Dedicated agent and evaluator apps boost transparency and control.

Calibrate for consistent evaluations

Use QA Calibration to compare evaluator responses and ensure that scorecard markings are standardized, fair, and consistent–no matter who's doing the scoring.

Say goodbye to soul-crushing spreadsheets!

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How Leaptree Compares To Xactly Express