Looking for a more affordable alternative to Xactly?

With Leaptree, you get a fully-featured solution that's built 100% in Salesforce–no code needed!
You'll save 90% of time spent on incentive management, avoid errors, and crush your targets–all at a significantly lower price than Xactly.

Pricing Overview

$39 per user, per month, billed annually.
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Why Leaptree is the Best Alternative to Xactly

Why choose Leaptree over Xactly?

Can you stay 100% within Salesforce with Xactly?

Nope. In Leaptree, you never have to leave Salesforce. Get started without the need for APIs or hassle with external integrations. 100% native so you keep full control of your data.

Do you want predictable pricing and major savings?

In addition to a significantly lower cost per user than Xactly, we are also 100% focused on ACV and therefore have a very low cost onboarding program for our customers. Start making major savings. Only pay for what you need!

Would you like the white glove treatment of a consultancy–without the spend?

We stay very close to our customers, and listen to all feedback and feature requests. We are smaller than Xactly and this allows us to be more flexible and dynamic to make sure we exceed our customer needs–without charging high consultancy fees.

Is product focus important to you?

We have four core products, two of which are add-on products to Incentivize.  All are built 100% on the Salesforce technology stack.  By comparison, Xactly have 12+ products with core focus on their own cloud platforms. Integrations to Salesforce are therefore a secondary consideration. If you're a Salesforce user–Leaptree just makes sense.

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how it works

Simple, yet powerful features

Incentive compensation management software

Build effective sales incentive plans–accurately and faster than ever

Create, configure, and edit intelligent sales incentive plans in a flash–no code required. Say goodbye to lousy manual spreadsheets, once and for all.

Motivate sales with real-time dashboards

Increase motivation with personalized dashboards your sales team can view in real-time. The whole team can access earnings and understand exactly how their incentives are calculated for greater transparency and trust.

Incentive compensation management software

Streamline the entire incentive management process

An end to time-consuming sales incentive processing. Once approved, payment files are automatically generated and ready to go.

Boost performance with gamification

Use game mechanics and data to improve performance and keep your teams motivated and engaged.

Get deep visibility into revenue performance

View all your sales incentive data together, in one place. Understand team performance with data driven insights including detail drill-down options.

Automate the manual and eliminate mistakes

Let our software do the work for you with clear and accurate real-time calculations. No more incorrect sales incentive calculations and payment errors. Reduce unseen accruals and exposure (without the need for a developer).

Get started in a snap with ready to go workflows

Use out-of-the-box templates to help manage payment disputes, clawbacks, split commissions, end-of-period payment reviews, and incentive plan sign-offs.

Discover more possibilities

Leaptree is an all-round sales and revenue operations tool for getting the most from your customer-facing teams. See what else you can accomplish with Analyze and Monetize.

Say goodbye to soul-crushing spreadsheets!

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How Leaptree Compares To Xactly Express