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Customer Story

ChowNow aligns its world-class QA team and saves over 90% of time on quality reporting with Leaptree Optimize

Discover how ChowNow aligns its world-class Quality Assurance team while saving 1000's of hours with Leaptree.


ChowNow provides restaurants a platform to grow and compete in a more sustainable way than ever before. The ordering platform is dedicated to helping local restaurants thrive. In fact, that's the company's mission. The company is able to connect diners with new restaurants to help them discover new delicious food while helping give local restaurants visibility.


Online food ordering technology services.

Key Business Outcome

90% of time saved.
ChowNow’s end-of-month reporting now takes less than two hours to compile, craft, and send – significantly less time than their previous process.

The challenge: Maximizing Quality Assurance efficiency in a rapidly growing, global company

ChowNow is an online food ordering tool whose growth has exploded in the past few years. With over five hundred employees, they’ve grown to include teams in the US and around the world. 

Prior to the move to Leaptree Optimize, Kate Keipp, the Menu QA Lead of Restaurant Operations and her team had been using Excel spreadsheets and Salesforce to run their QA processes. As the company scaled, it became clear that this clunky, manual approach needed attention, “A lot of our reporting came from downloading information from Salesforce into Excel and turning that into graphs and charts – it was time-consuming and prone to error. We were rapidly expanding and needed a better way!” explains Kate. Their scorecard functionality was limited too, “It was very basic, just checkboxes next to criteria and a space for comments. We needed more control over editing our scorecards and making updates on the fly.” 

The solution: A powerful but easy to use Quality Assurance Platform

ChowNow worked out requirements for a QA tool and began evaluating options. They considered several products, but Leaptree Optimize met all of ChowNow's needs–not least because it's built 100% in Salesforce: “We looked at several QA tools but when we saw how compatible Leaptree was with Salesforce that made the decision simple for us,” explains Kate, “The first time I tried it out I knew Optimize was the tool we were looking for. It’s extremely easy to use and setting up and adjusting scorecards is a breeze. It’s also easy to create dashboard reports and graphs that tell me exactly what the ten lowest marked criteria are and how many times our Menu Specialists have lost points for specific criteria. Previously, I had to pull a report on the entire scorecard, export it to a spreadsheet, and filter it down to find this data. I can now the data I need in a couple of clicks.”

“Leaptree Optimize has given me back days worth of time. I’m now able to allow my QA Specialist to focus on scores and I can focus on growth and scaling.”

Results: Deeper insights into quality and major time savings

Saved time is the most immediate result Kate and the team noticed after the move to Leaptree. "We were initially most excited about being able to update scorecards more easily, but then the time we realized we were saving once we got things set up properly was astounding,” she explains, "When I need to run weekly quality numbers for my team it now takes five minutes – before Leaptree this process could take up to an hour. This time saving is also noticeable at the end of the month. Building reports now take only a couple hours rather than an entire day.”

Another major plus is the unexpected insights into quality which the team can draw on to make data-driven improvements: “Leaptree helps pinpoint areas of improvement and other data I didn’t even realize I needed. We’re more easily able to look at specifics and can analyze our data on deeper levels. I can work on increasing my team’s quality average by tracking trends in a way I couldn’t before,” says Kate, “At a glance, I can see where we need to improve our training and menu building processes.”

On top of all that, Leaptree support impressed Kate and the team: “I give Leaptree’s support an A+. Everyone we spoke with was kind, listened extremely well, and understood what we needed quickly. It was quick and easy to set up meetings, and we had responses to our emails within a day.”

Infact, Kate and the team were so happy with Optimize, word spread and it's now being rolled out by a totally different team at ChowNow, the Onboarding Quality Assurance team.

ChowNow's favourite features

Advanced self-service reporting

Access dynamic real-time dashboards and advanced reports at a glance.

QA calibration

Calibrate scorecard evaluations directly within the app to ensure quality evaluation scores are accurate and consistent.

Reject and replace

In a couple of clicks, reject a scorecard and get another one in its place.

Customizable scorecards

It's easy to configure and modify scorecards without code or help from developers.

Say goodbye to soul-crushing spreadsheets!

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