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Who we are

What Leaptree is all about

We build cloud-based apps to help you unleash the power of your customer-facing teams.

Our Mission

We want to help you connect and boost your revenue generating teams.​

Not long ago, Sales and Customer Service teams lived in siloed worlds. But things have changed.

In this new, connected world, smart insights are key to win more deals, enhance customer experiences, and supercharge revenue.

That's why we created Leaptree — the only Salesforce native Revenue Performance Platform — to connect people, processes, and technologies through intuitive software backed by powerful AI.

The Revenue Workforce. Connected.

The eight Leaves

How Leaptree connects


Real-time metrics, predictive indicators, trend analyzers.


Content sign-offs, disputes, clawbacks, and payment processing.


Indirect sales portals, joined-up Revenue Model analysis.


Immediate feedback, focused guidance.


Employee recognition via peer ranking and award systems.


Analyze future outcomes with the power of artificial intelligence.


Detailed compensation plans, targets, and segments.


Automate metrics and scorecard creation.