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Our Mission

We build cloud-based apps to help you unleash the power of your customer-facing teams

Not long ago, Sales and Customer Service teams lived in siloed worlds. But things have changed.

In this new, connected world, smart insights are key to winning more deals, enhancing customer experiences, and supercharging revenue.

That's why we created Leaptree — the only Salesforce native Revenue Performance Platform — to connect people, processes, and technologies through intuitive software backed by powerful AI.

The Revenue Workforce. Connected.
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Revenue performance

Join the RevOps Revolution with Leaptree

Forward-thinking companies have turned to Revenue Performance Management to align teams, streamline operations, and maximize revenue. Join them!

Decrease Sales Costs
Automate Commission Processing
Accelerate Commission Modeling
Align Resources
Optimize CX QA Productivity
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Maximize Revenue Growth
Drive Real-time Target Management
Activate Indirect Sales Avenues
Initiate Short-term Sales Incentives
Reduce Churn/Increase Upsells