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Salesforce First

A perfect fit for Sales Cloud or Service Cloud users

Leaptree is the only Revenue Performance Platform built 100% inside Salesforce for ease of use, data compliance, and security.

Native Salesforce app

Built in Salesforce

Choosing a Salesforce native app means all your data stays within the Salesforce ecosystem. That means accurate, consistent metrics without the hassle of external APIs and complicated integrations. We're also the only revenue performance platform with only 5 star ratings on Salesforce AppExchange.

We know our stuff

World class, deeply technical support

The people giving you answers are Salesforce experts with a deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem. Have a question? Try us out!

Your data is in good hands

We're serious about security

We've passed the rigorous Salesforce Security Review to become a certified Managed Package within
their platform. We're trusted by teams from Government, Financial Services and other highly data sensitive industries, so you can trust us with your data too! Check out the Salesforce Security Review Trailhead module for more information.

A breeze for Salesforce USERS

The Salesforce you know, supercharged

Familiar is good. Especially when it comes to software. But how about familiar, supercharged? Our platform looks and feels like the Salesforce your teams already use, but it includes a bunch of powerful extra features, like real-time performance insights, enhanced split commissions, and automated compensation plans.

Happy Customers

Salesforce users report better results

Say goodbye to soul-crushing speadsheets!

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