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Leaptree Optimize allows Air Canada Cargo to transform its CX Quality Assurance and cut costs by 30%

Discover how Air Canada Cargo streamlined operations and cut costs, cultivating efficiency and a data-driven culture with Leaptree Optimize.


Air Canada Cargo is an award-winning provider of air cargo transportation services. They are Canada’s largest air cargo provider as measured by cargo capacity, with a presence in over 50 countries and self-handled hubs in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, London, and Frankfurt. Air Canada Cargo connects over 450 cities across six continents with direct flights and hundreds more routes through interline and trucking partnerships.


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Key Business Outcome

30% cost savings
Air Canada Cargo reduced costs with automation while minimizing time spent managing their Quality Assurance program.

The challenge: Enhancing and Modernizing Quality Assurance  

Prior to implementing Leaptree Optimize, Air Canada Cargo faced challenges in managing their CX Quality Assessment program. The airline's Customer Service team manually evaluated customer interactions which were managed using spreadsheets.

With the increasing demand for modernization and the impact of the pandemic, the team recognized the critical need for a more efficient and automated solution.

As Sebastian Cosgrove, Director - Global Customer Service, puts it: "Prior to Leaptree, we manually managed QA interactions using spreadsheets. It was time-consuming and subjective. We needed a more efficient solution, and ideally a platform native to Salesforce."

The solution: A Salesforce native Quality Assurance Platform that combines power with user-friendliness

Air Canada Cargo's exhaustive search for a solution finally led them to Leaptree Optimize. Sebastian and the team were initially impressed by the easy setup and configuration. Because Leaptree is built inside of Salesforce, this meant a no-code set up which ensured data security, and provided the team with easy and secure access. As Sebastian puts it: "Being native to Salesforce helped cut-down on implementation requirements and supported our business case for the QA program. We were able to transition into live production very quickly, setting up nine scorecard types and creating automated scheduling with specific criteria for each department."

This introduction of automated scheduling for scorecards brought about a significant transformation for the team and removed any potential for bias in the evaluation process. Now every agent is consistently assessed, ensuring a level playing field for all. Sebastian was also impressed with the easy to customize, dynamic scorecards which, he says, "allow for precise evaluation criteria, delivering a more accurate assessment of interactions. The ability to track trends enables data-driven decision-making."

Leaptree's Gamification feature added a layer of motivation that proved invaluable. Agents were not only driven to excel but also experienced a genuine sense of achievement with every successful interaction. The ability for agents to access their scores and performance metrics on real-time, interactive dashboards ushered in a new era of openness and dialogue for the whole team. Agents can now actively engage in discussions about their performance, facilitating a culture of transparency and continuous improvement.

To top things off, the team's journey with Leaptree was marked by unwavering technical support. Susan Stevenson, their dedicated Customer Success contact, played a pivotal role. As Sebastian puts it, "She provided us the opportunity to learn through “hands-on” experience and empowered the Air Canada Cargo team to transition swiftly into live production. Once we were live, having the ability for follow up time with Susan for any issues/concerns significantly helped to lessen anxiety."
"The efficiency gains brought about by Leaptree Optimize and its ability to streamline our quality workflows, allow me to focus on what matters most: the development and success of my team."

Results: Reduced costs, major time savings, and transparent and accurate data

Sebastian and the team have noted several significant results since implementing Leaptree Optimize, namely:

Cost Savings: The implementation of automation led to a 30% reduction in costs.

Improved Efficiency: Transitioning from manual evaluations to automation significantly increased the efficiency of Air Canada Cargo's Quality Assessment processes. Automating the scoring and scheduling of all agents across various CSC departments resulted in a timesaving of approximately 25% and eliminated the need to time manually scheduling agents, improving overall productivity.

Transparent Performance Metrics: Agents and management now have access to trends, daily, monthly, and year-to-date performance metrics, helping them to identify areas for improvement and excellence.

Streamlined Workflows: Leaptree Optimize streamlined daily operations, allowing the team to spend time on what they do best: delivering exceptional customer service.

Data-Driven Culture: The system has contributed to fostering a more data-driven and performance-focused culture within the organization, particularly within the Cargo Service Centre.

Error Reductions: Automation minimizes the risk of human errors that often occur during manual data entry and scheduling. Consistent and accurate data recording has become the norm.

Enhanced Visibility: The system's dashboards provide consistent and accurate department data, enhancing visibility for all managers. This transparency contributes to a more customer-centric service centre.

Leaptree Optimize has not only streamlined operations and reduced administrative burdens but has also contributed to a more efficient, data-driven, and motivated workforce. These achievements highlight Leaptree's significant impact on the organization's culture, efficiency, and overall performance.

As Gale Largy, Employee Development Manager, puts it: "The efficiency gains brought about by Leaptree Optimize and its ability to streamline our quality workflows, allow me to focus on what matters most: the development and success of my team."

Air Canada Cargo's favourite features


"The Gamification feature and real-time feedback boosts agent engagement, which has improved customer service."

Reject & Replace

"The ability to Reject & Replace scorecards helps us to efficiently manage and filter out irrelevant interactions, streamlining our assessment process and saving time."