Announcing Leaptree Maximize: Take Your Sales Coaching to the Next Level

Proactively coach your sales team to success and achieve up to 28% higher win rates with Leaptree Maximize, our latest native Salesforce App designed for sales coaching, assessments, and learning.

At Leaptree, we understand the challenges sales teams face in today's dynamic market. That's why we've developed Maximize: to empower sales professionals to achieve unprecedented success through proactive coaching and continuous improvement.

Why Leaptree Maximize?

With Leaptree Maximize, you can:

Provide Vital Feedback: Offer actionable insights to your sales team on their prospect and customer engagements, elevating their performance to new heights.

Capture Crucial Demos: Record multiple screens to analyze key demos and playbacks, identifying knowledge gaps and training opportunities for enhanced performance.

Guide Continuous Improvement: Recommend relevant learning actions tailored to individual needs, fostering a culture of growth and development within your team.

Empower Self-Assessment: Enable your team members to take ownership of their growth by self-assessing their engagements, driving greater buy-in and alignment with organizational goals.

Achieve Higher Win Rates: With Leaptree Maximize, you can achieve up to 28% higher win rates, propelling your sales strategy to unprecedented success.

See it in action in the interactive demo below:

Ready to experience the power of Leaptree Maximize for yourself? Schedule a 30-minute demo with our team, and discover how you can elevate your sales coaching game with ease.