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Announcing Numeric Targets in Leaptree Incentivize

One of the most requested features in Leaptree Incentivize is finally here!

We’re excited to announce the latest feature in Leaptree Incentivize: the ability to create and target commissions numerically, rather than monetarily.

Previously, commission plans could only be targeted to monetary figures. This worked for most teams. However, the downside was that you could not include important targets outside final sales. Our customers told us they had no way to include, for example, Marketing lead generation targets or other important figures that make a significant impact towards generating and maintaining revenue but don’t directly generate revenue in and of themselves. For Sales, too, this new feature is useful if you want to motivate and reward reps for actions beyond closing the deal. This might include non-monetary goals such as the number of prospect meetings an Inside Sales Manager attends or the number of calls an SDR makes over a particular period of time.

In other words, your commission plans need not have a singular focus on sales. And the good news? It’s all visible on a single targets dashboard. This might include monetary and non-monetary targets for Marketing, Inside Sales, Business Development, and Pre-Sales. As smart revenue leaders move towards a more connected outlook, this insight is invaluable.

Getting started with the new feature is easy!

When you log into Incentivize, you’ll notice that the “Numeric Targets” option has been added to the “Record Qualifier” dropdown field in your Compensation Plan Target panel. From here you can easily add a non-monetary target to your commission plan.

Our technical expert, Shane, made a short video that covers how this new feature works and what you need to do to get started:

Our Numeric Targets feature is included within our Leaptree Incentivize product. Click here to get a demo →

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