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Announcing QA Calibration for Leaptree Optimize

We’ve added QA Calibration to Leaptree Optimize! Now you can calibrate scorecard evaluations directly within the app to make sure that everyone’s on the same page.

Whether it’s to promote fairness, boost transparency, or ensure your quality evaluation scores are accurate and consistent, your customer engagement QA strategy will  radically improve with regular calibration.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a powerful new QA Calibration feature in our Optimize app. It’s built to help CX leaders surface up valuable insights about scoring criteria, align evaluation processes, and address QA program blindspots. Read on to find out more!

Why it’s useful

Being a QA Evaluator means scoring countless–often highly subjective–scenarios. That means rating everything from tone of voice, active listening skills, and crucial details like speed of resolution and grammar. As a CX leader overseeing several evaluators scoring (in some cases) thousands of agents, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone to make sure the evaluation process is fair and consistent across the whole team. 

That’s where QA Calibration comes in. To make sure that scorecard grading is standardized across all evaluators, you can ask several evaluators to score the same customer communication. It’s a way to prevent bias and favoritism and ensure that each interaction is scored fairly and objectively–no matter who’s doing the scoring. This will boost trust among your call center agents.

Get started

Our Technical Manager Shane made a video with all the steps you need to get started below:


Do it all in Optimize

This latest release means Leaptree’s features give you full visibility into every part of your QA program. The bigger the team, the more crucial a role calibration should play in your QA strategy. Calibration falls into the fifth, and most mature phase of Leaptree’s Call Center Quality Assurance Maturity Model

Our QA Calibration feature is included within our Leaptree Optimize product. Click here to get a demo →

Say goodbye to soul-crushing spreadsheets!

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