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leaptree For Call Center Management

A smarter way to manage call center quality

Get a pulse on call center quality. Empower your QA team to build dynamic scorecards, coach and motivate agents, and improve quality assessment productivity by 50%. Give your customers the call center experience they crave.

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For SMARt Call Center Leaders

The only Salesforce native Revenue Performance platform

Understand customer interaction quality at a glance

Get vital insights into customer engagement quality in your call center and address what's working – and what isn't – in real-time, and at any scale.

Empower your QA team with intuitive scorecards that are effortless to build

Your QA team can create powerful, dynamic scorecards in the blink of an eye. Leaptree runs 100% within Salesforce for effortless configuration and without the hassle of external APIs and integrations. No-code needed!

Incentivize, motivate, and reward call center agents

Drive call center quality performance in a fun way with gamification. Leaderboards, badges, and other game elements keep the whole team engaged, happy, and motivated.

Calibrate for consistent evaluations

Use QA Calibration to compare evaluator responses and ensure that scorecard markings are standardized, fair, and consistent – no matter who's doing the scoring.

Increase efficiency and call center quality

Improve quality assessment productivity by 50% with intuitive, modern, and automated processes. Do more, better and with fewer resources.

Get started today. Start seeing results tomorrow.

Intuitive, No-code Setup

The only no-code Revenue Performance Platform. Get started in minutes, without the need for help from developers or hassle with external APIs.

Native to Salesforce

Built 100% inside Salesforce for ease, data compliance, and speed. Cut the learning curve with a platform your teams already know.

Technical Support

Get highly detailed, expert support from people who know their stuff. Our Leapforward onboarding programme means you'll be up and running in no time.

Major Savings

We only charge for QA Evaluators which means huge savings and transparent, predictable pricing. Unlimited agents go free!

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Call Center Leaders Love Leaptree

“Leaptree Optimize has given me back days worth of time. I’m now able to allow my QA Specialist to focus on scores and I can focus on growth and scaling."

Kate Keipp, Menu QA Lead of Restaurant Operations
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Say goodbye to soul-crushing speadsheets!

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