Announcing Document QA in Leaptree Optimize

A solid document approval process is crucial for streamlining your operations and removing friction from your workflows. That’s why we’re excited to release the latest feature in Leaptree Optimize, Document QA. It allows you to upload, queue for review, and store important documents – all without ever leaving Salesforce.

When dealing with customers, there are invariably times that your correspondence needs to meet certain quality standards. This could be when responding to an official complaint, sending a renewal document, or following up with formal billing issues. In most cases, these important documents will need to be approved by a more senior stakeholder before being formally issued to the customer. And the same goes for Sales – important contracts, order forms, and discount agreements (among other docs) may all need to be reviewed and validated by say the Chief Revenue Officer or some other senior sales leader before being sent to an external party.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for very important documents to go through several rounds of approval before being sent out – so it’s not difficult to see why relying on Slack or emails for your QA process just doesn’t cut it! The back and forth with revisions, inevitable bottlenecks, and chaotic record-keeping quickly become an operational nightmare. And as with most things, an ad-hoc and unstructured process may work reasonably well with a very small team, but quickly become unmanageable as you scale. That’s why building a solid document approval process and choosing the best tools to implement it is crucial. 

Document QA in Optimize

We built our latest feature in Leaptree Optimize, Document QA, to streamline the document approval process and make skills-based approvals significantly easier to manage. Now you can assign skill gradings to your reps and agents, and depending on their level, all or some of their documents will go to their manager for approval. In a couple of clicks, they can upload documents to a queue for review, and keep track of validation progress.

Order Form Approval

This may sound similar to the standard Salesforce workflow approval feature, but its limitations and basic functionality are some of the reasons our customers requested that we build our own, more powerful document approval capabilities. Whereas in standard Salesforce, the approval process is quite basic (usually a simple yes/no tick box) we’ve added in advanced assessment granularity and the option to include the key considerations that matter most to your particular business. With Leaptree’s Document QA, you can define assessment rules by content type and add custom marking criteria and guidelines.

And the best part? You can manage the entire external document approval process without ever leaving Salesforce. This improves efficiency, transparency, and accountability and removes friction and bottlenecks from your approval processes – win-win!

Our Document QA feature is included within our Leaptree Optimize product. To find out more about how we can help you configure this, please get in touch →