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Feature Deep Dive: QA Calibration

When it comes to scorecard evaluations, keeping everyone on the same page is crucial for your quality program. The benefits are obvious – not least the fact that unbiased scoring means happier agents and more consistent quality.

In this post, we look at the QA Calibration feature in Leaptree Optimize with some useful tips and tricks to get started.

What is QA Calibration and why is it useful?

But first, it’s worth explaining what QA Calibration is. 

As a CX leader, it can be tricky to keep the quality scoring process fair and consistent when you’re overseeing several evaluators grading (in some cases) thousands of agents. Scores are often based on highly subjective scenarios like active listening skills or tone of voice, so keeping the scoring process fair and consistent is no mean feat.

That’s where QA Calibration comes in. To make sure that scorecard grading is standardized across all evaluators, you can ask several evaluators to score the same customer interaction. This lets you understand how all QA team members are scoring agents to make sure they are aligned in the scoring they are carrying out. As a result, you can avoid bias and favoritism and ensure that each interaction is scored fairly and objectively – no matter who’s doing the scoring. 

And there are other benefits too: a solid QA Calibration process surfaces up deeper insights into scoring criteria and helps you to address any blind spots. It’s the golden ticket to assuring consistency, clarity, and transparency in your quality assurance program.

Sounds good, how do I get started?

Though it’s possible to build a calibration process with spreadsheets, making use of a solid CX QA software can be a major time-saver and take the hassle out of quality assurance calibration. We may be a little biased ;) but if you’re not already a customer, Leaptree Optimize is the best tool for this. Our product expert Susan made a short video with everything you need to know to get QA Calibration up and running:

Our QA Calibration feature is included within our Leaptree Optimize product. Click here to get a demo →

Say goodbye to soul-crushing spreadsheets!

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