The RevOps Revolution: What You Need To Know (Part II)

Part two of our series “The RevOps Revolution” where we look in detail at the main pillars of Revenue Operations and how they can be applied to achieve a true RevOps culture in any organization.

The first part of this series we focused on the Insights pillar of RevOps. In this blog, we’ll be concentrating on the second pillar–Enablement. Enabling the revenue teams is all about ensuring the most appropriate skills and the best-suited content is in the right place at the right time.


If we explore the typical sales motion of a SaaS company, different content is required at different parts of the journey. This becomes further complicated when we have different journeys for additional products and/or add-ons. We also need a way to see analytics to inform us over time that these are the right elements of content at the right time of the process for that specific product/service. For example, which piece of content at stage 5 in the ‘inside sales’ funnel is the most effective, based on previous closed-won deals for this type of product? Is the right content being tailored appropriately for each prospect?  What is the most effective way to present this content?  Ideally, you would like to automate and surface up these relevant metrics and content through your CRM system when your Account Executives are ‘in the deal’. However, if you haven’t delved into this detail yet, it may be useful to start with people and processes, figuring out what works and what doesn’t at each stage of the cycle. Ensure to include customer engagement processes in your assessments–client onboarding processes, Quarterly Business Reviews, feature updates etc. All form part of the bigger picture. Bringing all this content and knowledge centrally into a RevOps team provides huge value for scaling organizations.


You may surface up the right content with great metrics, but if you don’t have the right people in their best roles then it would be fair to say, you’ll encounter a few problems. From a skills perspective, we need to consider onboarding, coaching, professional development and continuous training for your revenue teams, holistically. How well are these processes documented? Are they continuously updated? What does your ideal candidate look like, in terms of specific skills, after 6 months in your company? Who is responsible for managing all this? [hint: RevOps].

At Leaptree, one of our software products provides Quality Assurance solutions, typically for Customer Support teams. However, we are now seeing a growing trend where forward-looking organizations are implementing these types of systems for their Sales teams also.  

These systems allow sales leaders to assess the skills of their teams, across a range of prospect/customer interactions, from new Account Executives to experienced Solutions Consultants. Integrate your zoom recordings to your CRM, run a data sampling process, and start assessing a sub-set of interactions. Provide instant feedback and coaching tasks, where relevant. Link the coaching tasks to your own customized learning content.  Find the best examples and share them with your teams to demonstrate the standards expected. You’ll establish baseline standards now for your employees which can now be monitored for progress.  

From a Revenue enablement perspective, there are systems and solutions which traditionally worked in one silo of the business, which are now becoming hugely valuable in other areas. If your lens is ‘RevOps’ you’ll spot these opportunities–and you’ll realize the benefit in enhancing all your engagements with prospects and customers.

Read part one of the RevOps Revolution series here.

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