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Rekor Systems
Customer Story

Rekor saves 94% of time on sales commission management with Leaptree Incentivize

Discover how Rekor Systems give sales teams the transparency they need while saving 1000's of hours with Leaptree.


Rekor’s real-time intelligence provides powerful analytical solutions on vehicles, roadways, and city infrastructure that empower decision-making across government agencies, law enforcement, and a variety of commercial use cases.



Key Business Outcome

94% of time saved.
Rekor took the hassle out of managing sales commissions which now take 15-20 minutes to run every month –compared to the 3-4 hours they were spending before.

The challenge: Outgrowing spreadsheets to manage complex commissions

Rekor is a revolutionary AI roadway intelligence tool whose growth and revenue have surged considerably in recent years.

Prior to the move to Leaptree, Sales Operations Manager Robert Reid was using Google spreadsheets to manage Rekor’s sales commission calculations. As the company grew, the sales team scaled rapidly, and the limitations of spreadsheets became more difficult to ignore – namely, transparency of commission breakdown to their sales reps and the challenge of managing complex staged commissions and attainment tier logic. They needed a solution that would make running and managing sales commission plans a breeze.

As Robert explains, "Spreadsheets were cumbersome, prone to error, and limited in terms of what they could do. Our sales team was scaling rapidly so I knew I needed to get a better system in place – and time was of the essence. After an exhaustive search, Leaptree became the obvious choice – not least because it’s 100% native to Salesforce. I can now manage complex commission plans at scale and our sales team, who had never had insight into their commissions because of the complexities, now have full visibility and couldn't be happier."

The solution: A powerful but easy to use commission management platform

Rekor use Leaptree Incentivize to configure compensation plans for a number of regional sales reps and regional sales managers. The solution is automated so effortlessly tracks sales in real-time, generating monthly reports that align with varying commission rates for each team member. The platform offers tier-based accelerators and the ability to withhold portions of commissions until specific post-sales activities are completed. This ensures that reps stay engaged with deals from initiation to settlement, improving overall sales performance.

Each rep also has access to their own real-time dashboard. This gives them a view of how close they are to hitting their monthly and yearly sales quotas, in addition to how much commission they've earned so far. Approval processes have also been put in place to sign off on the monthly commission records, with two levels of approval needed before the final commission file is generated.

Reps can also raise disputes should they feel that they have been mispaid, which also get submitted for approval to designated users within the organization for consideration and approval/rejection. Rekor has used Leaptree Incentivize with the standard Opportunity Product object, however, Leaptree do provide the ability to add custom objects as part of our package.

“Our data never leaves Salesforce, so there’s no hassle with external APIs and our sensitive data is safely secure within our Salesforce environment.”

Results: Deeper insights and major time savings

The creation of compensation plans is now configurable through data and requires no code from the customer side. Whereas before Robert was spending 3-4 hours managing sales commissions every month, since the move to Leaptree, the time has been slashed to 15-20 mins. That’s a time saving of 94% compared to before.

Added to that, Leaptree's technical support was something that particlarly impressed Robert, "It’s been a breeze to get up and running and the Leaptree team have been able to articulate the product in a way that made sense to me and made it easy for me to use. I’d highly recommend Leaptree to other sales leaders.”

Rekor's favourite features

Automated EOPs

"Our end-of-period processing is now consistently accurate and staged commissions are managed for us automatically on a rolling basis with no manual intervention required."

Complex actions made easy

"We now have the ability to pay different commission rates at a product level – and it’s easy to navigate the configuration to use different objects/fields."

Say goodbye to soul-crushing spreadsheets!

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