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EF Education First
Customer Story

How Leaptree Incentivize Transformed EF Education First's Sales Commission Management

Learn how Leaptree Incentivize enabled EF Education First to support both their Global internal and external sales consultants through their Salesforce platform.


Founded in 1965 by Bertil Hult in Lund, Sweden, EF Education First (EF) has established itself as a global leader in education, offering language training, educational travel, academic degree programs, and cultural exchange opportunities. With over 52,000 employees spread across 116 countries and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, EF is dedicated to providing quality education experiences worldwide.



Key Business Outcome

50% more cost competitive
Leaptree Incentivize's Total Cost of Ownership was at least 50% more cost effective than competitors within the Salesforce ecosystem.

The challenge: Modernizing and Extending their Sales Commission platform 

Prior to the move to Leaptree, EF were using a legacy sales commission processing system for external sales teams that operated outside of Salesforce and was built in-house. As the company grew, both the internal and external sales teams scaled rapidly, and the limitations of this solution became more difficult to ignore.

With the decommissioning of the legacy system imminent, EF sought a product-based solution that would be native to Salesforce and cater to the needs of its internal and external sales teams, which included internal teams and sales consultants in colleges and universities, student travel agencies, and affiliate partners. As Senior Project Director Anuj Kapoor puts it: “We needed to modernize not just our technology, but our approach to sales incentives. Leaptree's Native Salesforce App and its ability to accommodate our sales ecosystem was pivotal. Now, we're not just keeping up; we're staying ahead, armed with real-time insights and streamlined processes that empower our teams to excel.”

The solution: A Salesforce Native Sales Commission platform that easily extends to support External Sales Agents

Following an exhaustive search, Leaptree Incentivize emerged as the ideal solution for EF Education First's sales commission management overhaul. The platform's Salesforce-native architecture provided EF with the flexibility and scalability required to support both internal sales teams and external sales agents across six continents. Within a remarkably short span of three months, Leaptree successfully rolled out over 50 compensation plans and onboarded over 800 internal and external users. This included:

Comprehensive Coverage: Leaptree Incentivize supported EF's sales ecosystem, accommodating internal sales teams, frequent transacting external sales agents, and ad hoc external sales agents.

Multi-Currency Support: With operations spanning the globe, EF Education First required a solution capable of handling transactions in multiple currencies, a capability seamlessly provided by Leaptree.

Rapid Deployment: Leptree's efficient deployment process ensured that EF could swiftly transition from its legacy system to a fully functional, Salesforce native sales commission platform within three months.

Self-Sufficiency: By empowering EF with the tools to build and adjust their compensation plans independently, Leaptree enabled the company to become fully self-sufficient in managing its sales commissions, reducing reliance on external vendors.
"Thanks to Leaptree's Salesforce-native solution, we were able to swiftly transform our sales commission management for both internal and external sales. We can process sales commissions for our external associates and partners without giving them direct access to our Salesforce platform."

Results: A single source of truth with the flexibility to manage commissions for internal and external sales teams.

Anuj and the team have noted several significant results since implementing Leaptree Incentivize, namely:

Streamlined Systems: EF Education First eliminated the complexity of managing multiple systems by consolidating its sales commission management inside Salesforce, creating a single source of truth for all sales-related data.

Enhanced Flexibility: Leaptree's solution provided EF with the flexibility to self-manage sales commissions for both internal and external users, catering to the needs of its global workforce.

Cost Competitiveness: Following a thorough assessment of vendors, Leaptree emerged as the most cost-effective solution, offering EF Education First significant cost savings compared to its main competitors in the market. Leaptree's Total Cost of Ownership proved at least 50% more cost effective.

Improved Management of External Sales Agents: Leaptree facilitated EF's management of external sales agents, enabling the company to provide detailed sales commission statements to agents who transacted on an ad hoc basis – without giving them access to Salesforce.

As Anuj puts it “Leaptree empowered us to streamline systems, and flexibly manage commissions for our global workforce. From eliminating complexity to enhancing flexibility and ensuring cost competitiveness, Leaptree has truly revolutionized our approach to sales commission management, allowing us to focus on driving growth and success.”

By switching to Leaptree Incentivize, EF Education First transformed its sales commission management, unlocking efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness to propel their business forward.

EF's favourite features

Agent Accounts

"Our team loves the Agent Accounts feature because it completely streamlines our commission management process for external sales. No more manual calculations and navigating through multiple systems – everything we need is conveniently accessible within a single platform."

Staged Commissions

"We are using staged commissions so that we can credit our agents with sales when they get booked, however, the actual payment of the commission is held off until we have received full payment from the agent or student. This is to ensure that we only pay out on deals that have been seen through to completion."