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Humphreys & Partners reduce costs by 28% and save XX time on sales commission management by switching to Leaptree Incentivize

Discover how Humphreys & Partners slash costs, increase transparency and save X days a month of effort compared to their previous sales commission platform.


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Key Business Outcome

28% reduction in spend
– all while saving XXX hours every month.

The challenge: Maximizing sales commission management efficiency and understanding future compensation outcomes in a global company

In the ever-evolving landscape of global sales, Britney Reyna, Vice President of Accounting and Finance at Humphreys, faced a formidable challenge. Her task was to efficiently manage and optimize sales commissions for a dynamic, globally dispersed sales team. The existing sales compensation management platform the team were using proved to be a major obstacle, plagued by inadequate support, a complex user interface, and escalating costs. On top of that, as a Salesforce user Britney yearned for a solution that went beyond mere integration and was seamlessly embedded within Salesforce, with access to the expert technical support the team needed.

Britney expressed her frustration, "Our dissatisfaction with the existing enterprise tool reached its peak when resolving support issues led to long delays and frustrating interactions with inexperienced representatives. The final straw was a substantial price increase out of the blue which far exceeded our budget."

Britney was in search of a solution that could effortlessly handle sales commission plans while providing real-time insights to sales representatives, allowing them to track their deals and gauge their progress toward meeting quotas.

The solution: An intuitive Salesforce native sales commission management platform

To tackle these challenges, Britney and her team embarked on a comprehensive search for solutions. After thorough evaluation, they decided that  Leaptree Incentivize, a Salesforce-native sales commission platform, was the perfect fit. As Britney explains, "Our search was exhaustive, but Leaptree checked all the boxes, primarily because it seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, making management simpler, more efficient, and more secure. Its intuitive user interface minimized the learning curve for Salesforce users, shone a light on data integrity issues and helped us to streamline our processes." Furthermore, Leaptree's responsiveness to feedback and swift enhancements left a lasting impression on the Humphreys team: "The Leaptree team were very responsive to feedback and delivered several additional quick wins through the delivery process. Post go-live we availed of Premium Advisory Services which we found very useful for access to experts from Leaptree’s customer success team. We're really glad we made the switch!"

The benefits of the Leaptree solution were striking in further ways, too, namely:

Increased Accuracy: Automation of compensation calculations significantly reduced errors, ensuring precise and timely payments to sales representatives.

Enhanced Transparency: Sales representatives gained visibility into their compensation details, fostering trust and motivation within the sales team.

Time Savings: The sales operations team enjoyed substantial time savings, allowing them to concentrate on strategic initiatives and value-added tasks.

Improved Sales Performance: With clear visibility into their compensation and performance metrics, sales representatives were motivated to attain their targets, leading to enhanced sales performance across the organization. Additionaly, sales team members loved the Leaptree Analyze modeling component. They can now run real-time “what-if” analyses on their active pipeline as they progress through the month.

“I've been deeply impressed by Leaptree's top-notch technical support. It's like night and day, removing the stress with highly technical Salesforce expertise. What's even more remarkable is the 28% annual cost reduction compared to our previous solution."

Results: Achieving a 28% Cost Reduction and Unlocking XX Hours of Efficiency

The transition to Leaptree brought about a transformation in the sales compensation process at Humphreys: “Despite being an enterprise solution, our previous tool required manual calculations for several elements each month. Leaptree Incentivize has now automated this, saving us XX hours every month.”

But that's not all – the positive effects rippled through various aspects of their operations. They enjoyed a whopping 28% drop in costs compared to their old system, giving them more budgetary breathing room. Plus, with all the time saved, they could finally zero in various strategic initiatives they'd been itching to tackle. The newfound transparency and ability to model out future compensation scenarios lit a fire under their sales team and gave them the data they needed to perform at their best. All in all, switching to Leaptree was a giant leap forward for Humphreys. As Britney puts it: "Getting started was a breeze, and our customer success contact, Susan, went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. And to top it all off, we're saving nearly a third compared to the old tool we were using. We couldn't be happier we made the switch!"

Humphreys favourite features



Sales compensation modeling

"Our sales team can use dynamic “what-if” scenario modeling to understand their active pipeline in real-time and understand where they're likely to land quota wise at the end of the month."

Say goodbye to soul-crushing spreadsheets!

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