Customer Story

Medicomp reduce time spent calculating sales commissions by 75% with Leaptree Incentivize.

Discover how Medicomp slashed time and moved to a fully automated sales-commission calculation process with Incentivize.


Since 1981, Medicomp has been at the forefront of the cardiac telemedicine industry — pioneering new technology, improving existing technologies, and adding new applications. Medicomp develops, manufactures, and provides service with the most reliable and sophisticated ambulatory heart-monitoring systems in the world.



Key Business Outcome

75% reduction in time
Medicomp reduced time spent managing sales commissions while modernizing their sales incentive management program.

The challenge: More efficient and transparent sales commission management

Prior to the switch to Leaptree, Medicomp was using excel spreadsheets to manage complex sales commission reporting and calculations. This was incredibly time-consuming
and resulted in a lack of confidence from sales reps concerning the payment process. Sales reps had little insight into the makeup of their deals and had no real-time updates on what they were being paid or what their progress was against quotas.

Added to that, finance leaders were spending around 16 hours a month managing sales compensation plans for a team of 30. Medicomp needed a new solution to improve efficiency, transparency, and trust among the team.

The solution: A Salesforce native Sales Commission Management Platform that saves time and ensures accuracy

Medicomp needed a solution that would:

• Transparently showcase employee sales performance to leadership and employees.
• Automate the sales commission calculation process to save time.
• Integrate into their existing Salesforce processes.

They needed a solution that would allow them to track and determine sales commissions for its sales reps. It was able to do this with the help of Leaptree.

Medicomp chose Leaptree to improve its commission tracking processes.
Leaptree’s automation not only tracks patient enrollments as they’re created
but can also produce end-of-period records falling in line with the varying
commission rates for each team member. Sales reps now have access to
their own dashboards so they can track their performance, time to quota
attainment, and how much commission they are receiving. If needed,
employees can file disputes against inaccurate commission reports within
the system.

Sales leaders have gone from 16+ hours calculating sales commissions every month to just four hours. Approval chains have also been implemented, so leaders can efficiently review commission reports before they are paid out to employees. Since Leaptree is a Salesforce native solution, Medicomp is assured their data is secure as they don’t have to deal with external apps and APIs. Another benefit is that Medicomp is able to use its own custom Salesforce objects. Randall Martinek, EVP of
Commercialization for Medicomp next plans to use the Leaptree Analyze add-on
to model future compensation outcomes and “what-if” scenarios.
“We’re really glad we made the
switch to Incentivize and I’d highly recommend
Leaptree to other sales leaders.”

Results: Major time savings, automated commissions, and improved team motivation and focus

Randall and the team have noted several significant results since implementing Leaptree Incentivize, namely:

75% less time spent managing employee sales commissions.

• The configuration of 22 regional sales reps and sales manager
compensation plans.

Fully automated sales-commission calculation process.

As Randall puts it, “Although hours of time saved is the most immediate benefit — and we save hours and hours every month — the real-time insights our sales representatives and managers have to their performance keeps the whole team motivated and focused on the most important revenue and profit-based activities.”

Say goodbye to soul-crushing spreadsheets!

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