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Take the headache out of compensation planning and modeling

Deep-dive into varying future outcomes with the power of AI. Model, compare, and assess incentive plans based on a variety of scenarios and convert to live, actionable, plans in a matter of clicks.

Pricing Overview

$99 per user, per month, billed annually.
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Simple, yet powerful features

Model proposed compensation plan outcomes

Build and model out different monetary outcomes based on a variety of compensation plan scenarios.

Compare and assess

Run sensitivity analysis to understand both models at different achievement rates. Includes Interval achievements, based on the cadence of your models [i.e. monthly/quarterly/bi-annual/yearly].

Dive into detail

Access all the compensation plan modeling features of Leaptree Incentivize to test out different scenarios and outcomes. Adjust or introduce attainment tiers/retainment schedules/targets/personnel and commission rates.

Surface up key metrics

Uncover and present the key metrics from within your salesforce data that really matters to your business.

Review, communicate, and activate

Features available to export content to PDF to distribute. Ability to activate models, which enable the selected model as an active compensation plan in Leaptree Incentivize.

Forecast active compensation plan outcomes

Leaptree Analyze is tightly integrated with Leaptree Incentivize, our compensation management system. This makes it easy to convert your Sales Models into live actionable plans within Incentivize.

Why choose Analyze?

Model the future

Simple, No-code Setup

Configure and integrate Leaptree Analyze with Leaptree Incentivize within a few clicks to understand the best way forward for your future compensation models.

Native to SalesForce

Get started without the need for APIs or hassle with external integrations. Built 100% inside Salesforce for ease, data compliance, and security.

Technical Support

Get highly detailed, expert support when you need it. Our Leapforward onboarding programme means you'll be up and running in no time.

Major Savings

Remove the heavy lifting from compensation modeling for the year ahead and free-up valuable time within your Finance and Sales Operations teams.