5 Must-Read Blogs For Sales Leaders In 2023

Our pick of the best blogs to add to your sales arsenal.

The role of a sales leader is no mean feat, and often involves wearing several different hats. That’s why making time to stay on top of the latest trends, strategies, and best practices can be difficult – not least when there’s a seemingly endless amount of information to wade through online.

Cutting through the noise is tricky. So to make it a little easier, we’ve rounded up 5 key blogs to keep you up-to-date in an ever-changing – and turbulent – sales landscape. The following list focuses on solid, practical advice from the trenches of sales, written by folk who know their stuff.

1. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is an amazing resource of strategies, tactics, and tips from the fastest-growing companies in the world. From expert deep dives to outreach and negotiation techniques, it’s a must-read for any sales leader who wants to stay at the top of their game. The blog is updated regularly, but they also offer other useful content like webinars, videos, eBooks, and podcasts (amongst other things). Its scope is far-reaching and comprehensive and covers topics like coaching techniques, negotiation, and outbounding hacks to get the most from your sales team. There’s even a community to ask questions and sync with other sales pros.

Standout post: RevOps: Setting the Foundation You Need for 2023 is great explainer of the basics of RevOps with some practical advice on getting started with a RevOps strategy at your company.

2. Sales Gravy

It’s likely you’ve already read – or at least heard of Fanatical Prospecting, the smash hit sales book. Sales gravy was founded by it’s author, Jeb Blount, an internationally renowned sales acceleration specialist. Here he shares articles, videos, podcasts, and advice from top experts. It’s an invaluable resource for sales leaders looking to hone their skills.

Standout post: Selling in volatile times. 2023 is likely to be a…challenging year. That’s why this podcast is more timely than ever. It’s a no-nonsense, practical guide to achieving your sales goals in uncertain times.

3. Predictable Revenue

Aaron Ross, is a bestselling author who’s spent a considerable amount of time working with high-growth companies to refine and accelerate their sales processes. In his blog, he and his team share these insights and cutting edge tactics for B2B sales. 

Standout post: The #1 priority for a VP Sales that most people get wrong (hiring). Learn why an effective hiring process is crucial for revenue growth.

4. The Center for Sales Stategy blog 

The CSS blog is chock full of ideas to create a winning sales strategy, hire a superstar team as well as managing a successful workforce. Recent topics on the blog include how to recruit Millennials, how to measure top performers, and ideas for nurturing new hires.

Standout post: 9 tips to lead your sales team in 2023. This guide will help you focus your sales management efforts for the coming year with practical tips and advice.

5. Closer IQ sales blog

This is the blog for all things sales hiring – as well as tips on motivating and retaining your top talent.

Standout post: Should your sales team go forever-remote? This is a great breakdown of the benefits of going fully remote for sales, and suggests some helpful tech to make sure you’re still getting the best out of your team.


When it comes to sales, nothing takes the place of experience. That said, it just makes sense to follow the advice of experts who’ve gotten proven results over and over again. Book marking these five blogs will keep you on top of where sales is headed, to be prepared for what lies ahead. As Warren Buffet famously put it, “The more you learn, the more you earn.”