5 Qualities of a Stellar Revenue Operations Leader

RevOps connects the dots between people, processes, and technology for your revenue-generating teams. In this post, we look at some key qualities a RevOps leader must possess to succeed in this role.

RevOps relies on previously siloed teams working together toward the same goal — growing revenue. As more companies recognize the need to break down the outdated barriers between sales, marketing, customer service, and other revenue-generating teams, recruiting for Revenue Operations has become more and more critical. So whether you’re a Revenue Operations leader – or looking to hire one – we’ve rounded up the essential set of qualities that every RevOps leader must possess in 2022.

1. Data Obsessed and Analytical 

Stellar RevOps leaders are obsessed with metrics and are highly analytical thinkers. They use data to separate fact from opinion and base important decisions on the metrics that matter most to the business. The KPIs for each team – as well as the whole company – are something they pay close attention to, and data forms the backbone to figure out what moves to make to grow revenue.

To generate these insights from an almost infinite amount of data, RevOps leaders must be analytical thinkers. Data is nothing without a brain that knows how to interpret it, and any RevOps leader worth their salt knows how to connect the dots to recognize patterns, opportunities, and areas for improvement. 

2. Future-Oriented

RevOps leaders must be highly future-oriented. They should be forward-thinking visionaries who predict future outcomes before putting any plans into place. RevOps’s long-term thinking pays constant attention to how to scale the business, reduce operational overhead, and generate more revenue. The right tech here is vital – for example, a tool like Leaptree Analyze that offers dynamic “what-if” scenario modeling for sales compensation planning and apps like Chorus and Canopy for sales and revenue forecasting.

3. Communicative and Collaborative

All that said, intelligent revenue performance insights and plans are only useful when they can be properly communicated to the rest of the business. RevOps leaders, therefore, must be skilled communicators. 

Added to that, the ability to collaborate is critical. Collaboration is central to the very concept of RevOps, which connects previously siloed teams into one revenue-generating engine. 

A RevOps leader, therefore, must have the ability to collaborate cross-functionally and work alongside the entire Revenue Workforce to plug the gaps and explore ways to help everyone to succeed – together.

4. Adaptive and Flexible to Change

Growing organizations are never stagnant but constantly changing and evolving. Like sharks, once a business stops moving, they die.

New teams are formed and new tasks and goals are set. Not to mention the constant flux of new and better tools and technologies  A RevOps leader must not only adapt to change – but embrace and promote it.

5. Tech-savvy

These days, it's rare for a new workflow or process to come to fruition without taking advantage of the best technology to get it up and running. That’s why RevOps leaders must pay close attention to advanced technologies and cutting-edge tools. This goes beyond merely being comfortable with technology. Rather, a RevOps leader much have the skills to assess and evaluate what’s already in place, whilst keeping one eye on the latest tools that may better maximize efficiencies and drive productivity and growth.


It goes without saying that a stellar Revenue Operations leader is worth their weight in gold, being as they are the backbone of a company’s revenue optimization. Though not an exhaustive list by any means, the five qualities we’ve discussed here cover some of the key traits any RevOps leader requires – or should develop – to succeed. 

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