Leaptree and Docomotion partner to offer advanced document generation capabilities for sales commission management

Leaptree Incentivize – the Salesforce native Revenue Performance Platform – has selected Docomotion – a leading document generation app on Salesforce – for its premium package offering.

Docomotion’s capabilities for generating and sending different types of documents, based on pre-defined templates, enable users to automate processes, reduce administrative efforts, and minimize human errors to zero.

Following the seamless integration of Docomotion into the Leaptree package through Salesforce, Leaptree users will be able to retrieve data and merge relevant fields into templates. This will generate custom commission plans and statements in PDF, Word, and email formats, populated with data from any object in Salesforce – no programming knowledge required.

“Our focus for the coming 2023, more than ever, will be on evaluating the best ISV partners, such as Leaptree to mutually leverage the success through our partner program “Better together.”, says Sanja Mimran, Alliances Director at Docomotion.“It is our hope that we will together build and maintain boundless opportunities and continue to give customers the best experience in the doc gen world. We are happy to start this journey together and looking forward to challenges and mutual success.”

“Leaptree is delighted to become a strategic ISV partner of Docomotion”, says Neil Young, Co-Founder & CEO of Leaptree.  “The synergies across both technologies working within the Salesforce platform are very complimentary.  This can only improve our overall digital sales compensation solutions to our growing customer base.”

About Leaptree

Leaptree builds Salesforce native apps to help customers unleash the power of their customer-facing teams. Our Revenue Performance Management tool, Incentivize, makes it easy to design and manage complex sales incentive plans – accurately and at speed. Managers can understand team performance with data-driven insights and boost trust and transparency with personalized dashboards their reps can view in real-time. Customers report a time saving of 90% on Sales Commission processing.

About Docomotion

Docomotion is a versatile and scalable document generation app for Salesforce users, offering intuitive, easy-to-use tools for designing and generating highly-personalized documents. With Docomotion, users can generate all types of transactional and operational business documents – such as quotes, invoices, proposals, contracts, and more – in PDF, Word, HTML, and email formats, populated with data from any object in Salesforce. It is quick, easy, and cost-effective, with no programming knowledge required.

For further information about Docomotion, please visit

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