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Leaptree Announces Skills integration feature for Service Cloud Workforce Engagement on Salesforce AppExchange, the World's Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace.

Leaptree Optimize customers can now benefit from Skills integration to support dynamic quality assessment schedules based on employee capability levels.

Leaptree today announced it has launched an integration with Skills management and Workforce Engagement as part of Salesforce Service Cloud on AppExchange.  

Leaptree Optimize is already trusted by Call Center and CX teams around the world who use it to identify customer service issues and resolve performance bottlenecks with dynamic QA scorecards and real-time dashboards. With this latest integration, Optimize evaluators can run dynamic quality assessments against agents, whereby the volume of assessments is determined by their skill level within the organization.  

The skills integration feature enables companies to predict customer service requests, and on which channels, to create omnichannel plans. Service leaders can intelligently plan staffing needs, matching agents to work based on their skills, availability, and preference.

Integrated directly with Salesforce Service Cloud, Leaptree Optimize is currently available on AppExchange at:-

Comments on the News

• “The new Skills integration features within Leaptree Optimize is a major move forward for Service leaders, who can now assess CX Agents according to their skill level as they progress through the organization” said Neil Young, CEO and Co-founder at Leaptree, “This gives Service leaders more confidence within their quality assurance programs that span their multi-tier customer engagement teams – all 100% within the Salesforce platform.”

• "Leaptree Optimize is a welcome addition to the Service Cloud Workforce Engagement ecosystem,” said Melissa Matross, SVP of Product Management, Service Cloud. “This expansion of Service Cloud Workforce Engagement enables customers to remain resilient and agile and deliver high-quality service from anywhere with a complete contact center solution -- all on one platform.”

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Leaptree is the only Revenue Performance Platform that’s 100% native to Salesforce. It builds cloud-based software to connect and align the revenue workforce for optimized productivity and performance.  Leaptree is an affiliate company of Pexlify Enterprise Solutions.

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