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Why a solid document review process is crucial for quality management

When it comes to quality management, don't underestimate the importance of document control.

As any revenue leader worth their salt knows, supervision and oversight are crucial to keep customer service quality consistent – not to mention avoiding costly mistakes. That said, clunky, manual processes to get the “green light” of approval can cause workflow bottlenecks and waste time. In this post, we look at three real-life applications from Optimize customers who weave a document control process into their quality management programs in very different ways.

Email approval

For new recruits, an email review and vetting process is crucial to pick up errors and costly mistakes. That's why adding a score based on skill level mitigates the risk when it comes to sending emails. If a new agent is given a level of “1” for handling customer service cases, for example, they should therefore go through a content review process prior to sending out an external email. With the Skill Based Approval feature in Leaptree Optimize, this is done automatically, where an agent is unable to email a customer without the communication first being reviewed and approved via a QA scorecard. As a typical workflow, the draft is submitted by the agent, a scorecard is automatically created, and the email is then either approved or rejected by the QA evaluator. If approved, the agent gets notified that the email is ready to send and is automatically granted permission to contact the customer. This mitigates any risk when onboarding new recruits who may not be up to speed with best practices for customer communication.

Sales order approval

A solid content control process is also useful when it comes to important documents such as sales order forms. Depending on the skill level of a particular sales agent, some or all of their order forms should automatically go through review and approval by a manager prior to being issued. The skill level attributed to the sales rep will determine how many of their submitted order forms need to be reviewed when they are ready to close a deal. What determines approval is up to you and the needs of your particular organisation. It may be decided by meeting a specific scorecard threshold (i.e. 80%), or by an additional approval question. With Optimize, once the green light is given, the order form status will be updated to “approved” and is ready to send.

Legal document approval 

Our third example may be particularly useful for customers in financial services, where document approval prior to issue is crucial for compliance and legal purposes (for example, pension statements or insurance policy documents). The flexibility of an approval process based on skill level, lets you decide how many of these important documents require pre-approval. For example, junior employees may need 100% of their documents approved, mid-level 50%, and senior team members may only need occasional spot checks. This makes your QA workflows as productive as possible and saves precious time to focus on what matters most.

Want to see how a document control process can work in action? Here’s a short video from one of our product experts, Susan, which looks at our Skill Based Approval feature:

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