Say hello to the new Leaptree!

The story of what we’ve changed, why we’ve changed–and also of what’s staying the same.

Leaptree started as a single app but we have now evolved into a suite of four products and are happy to say that our customers include leading companies from all over the world. What we do has evolved, so we realized that it was time for a re-think in the way we present ourselves.

You will notice that we’ve gone from a logo with a tree to a logo with...a tree. But there are trees and trees, and this is the story of what we’ve changed, why we’ve changed it – and also of what’s staying the same.


Green has been a prominent part of the Leaptree brand from the beginning and we wanted to keep it. Not a corporate green, but a bright, modern green. A juicy green papaya. Freshly cut grass. The Incredible Hulk (when he’s angry) know what we mean.

We have chosen distinctive shades for each of our four products; with a clean but noticeably modern take on a simple palette of primary colors. 


In creating a new logo, we knew we needed to suggest growth and simplicity in a striking, iconic form. Sounds easy, right? (It wasn’t). After a fair few iterations–including an unfortunate move in the direction of the Spar logo–we landed on something that all of us liked. Our tree is still there, but it’s reimagined in an important new way: it’s not just a tree, it’s a graph showing revenue growth–the thing we know our customers love to see and the mission at the core of everything we build.

Meet Lenny

A major priority of our new direction was to find some way to make our powerful Artificial Intelligence function more accessible. Say Hello to Lenny, our data scientist Lemur who’s always on hand to help! He lives in our app and is ready to offer suggestions and support whenever you need him. We promise you’ll never get an “I see you’re writing a letter there” type of message (à la Microsoft Clippy, the fallen hero). Rather, think of him as a friendly face when you hit a blocker or have a question. That said, we’ll always have a team of highly technical humans on hand too, if you’d rather talk to one of them. (Pesky Lemurs stealing our jobs). 


Typography can be tricky. If you follow the trends (and boy are there trends in 2021) you surely risk looking passé in a year or two. Ignore them completely and you risk looking old hat and, well, frankly, a bit dull. Looking both ways at once, we settled for Poppins and Nunito Sans fonts. These are simple, sans serif Google fonts that embody our values: modern (of course) but also simple in a sophisticated way, while still offering a fresh and distinctive style for the new Leaptree.

What else is changing

As we continue to roll out our new brand, you may notice things look slightly different in the app. The typeface and colors will be updated and we’ll be making some (minor) updates to the UI. We also have in mind some other tweaks based on what our customers have suggested. Never fear! These changes will only enhance the core user experience that you know and love.

What’s not changing

While some parts of the Leaptree platform will be getting something of a facelift, everything inside your account will stay pretty much the same, with the easy-to-use, intuitive UX you’re used to.

We’re still backed by our affiliate partner, Pexlify Enterprise Solutions, and are as committed as ever to building useful, delightfully intuitive software to help you get the most from your customer-facing teams.

We hope you like the new Leaptree as much as we do! 🌲